EU: Slight decrease in animal production expected in 2024


Decreases in pig, bovine, and sheep production are expected.

In the last quarter of 2024, the production of pigs is forecast to decrease by 1% compared with the same quarter of 2023, amounting to 57.7 million heads. It is projected that Spain will produce 13.6 million head of pigs in the fourth quarter of 2024. This would make it the largest pigmeat producing EU country, ahead of Germany (8.8 million head), and Denmark (7.3 million head).

In the second semester of 2024, the gross indigenous production (GIP) of bovine animals produced in the EU is projected to reach 12.1 million head. This would indicate a decrease of 1% compared with the same period in 2023 when 12.2 million head of animals were produced. France is forecast to remain the largest producer of bovine meat in the second semester of 2024 with 2.7 million head, ahead of Germany (2.0 million), Spain (1.3 million) and Ireland (1.0 million).

The production of sheep is forecast to decrease by 7% to 15.6 million head in the second semester of 2024, while the production of goats is projected to decline by 9%, to 2.4 million head. Among EU countries that reported data for sheep, Spain is expected to be the largest producer in the second semester of 2024 with more than 4.5 million head, followed by Romania (2.6 million) and Greece (2.1 million). by materials