Germany: meat production falls by 4% in 2023


In 2023 pork production in Germany decreased significantly, while beef production remained almost unchanged. There was a slight increase in poultry.

Meat production in Germany fell significantly again in 2023. According to preliminary data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), slaughterhouses produced 6.8 million tons of meat in 2023, down 4% (-280,200 t) from the previous year. German meat production has therefore fallen for the seventh consecutive year since its peak in 2016 (8.25 million t). A total of 47.9 million head of pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, and horses, as well as 702.2 million chickens, turkeys, and ducks were slaughtered in slaughterhouses in 2023.

As for swine, 43.8 million head were slaughtered in 2023, representing a 7% drop (-3.3 million head) compared to the previous year. The number of domestic pigs slaughtered fell by 7.7% to almost 42.3 million head. However, the number of imported pigs slaughtered increased by 19.5% to 1.5 million head.

In total, slaughterhouses produced around 4.2 million t of pork in 2023, a decrease of 6.8% (-306,500 t) compared to the previous year. Compared to the record year of 2016, around 1.4 million t less pork was produced in 2023, which corresponds to a decrease of more than a quarter (-25.1%). by materials