Goodvalley Ukraine plans to expand its capacity


Goodvalley Ukraine plans to expand, increase the number of livestock at the existing rearing complexes, as well as at fattening plants. This was announced by the territorial production manager of Goodvalley Ukraine, Sergiy Gensetsky.

According to him, 2023 was a good year financially for the company.

«Many farms in Ukraine have increased the number of sows, but the market is gradually oversaturated. At the same time, the population is decreasing, so pork consumption has fallen. Therefore, we did not rely on increasing the broodstock. Instead, we invested more in reducing the cost of production: we installed economical engines for the ventilation system, insulated the premises, etc.,» Gensetskyi said.

He noted that due to Russian strikes on the energy infrastructure last year, production became more expensive, as generators were used when there was no electricity.

«For example, a generator at a feed mill has a capacity of 1.2 MW, which automatically raised the cost of feed production. However, the price of pork was high at the time, so it was acceptable. However, we understand that the time will come when the market will be oversaturated with pork, and production may become unprofitable. We feel it, despite the fact that the price of live pigs is slightly increasing, but we cannot raise the price to the previous level. I think there will be no market growth in the second half of the year,» he said. bу