Pig market in Ukraine: Week 20


In the second half of May, prices for slaughter pigs continued to move downward, according to analysts of Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders, citing the results of weekly monitoring.

This week, most operators in the live market purchased animals in the range of 55-57 UAH/kg, although both higher and lower quotes are occasionally found. The latter, in particular, mainly concern animals of higher weight categories, the supply of which still puts pressure on the overall price situation.

Prices in the western regions were slightly higher than in other regions, although in other regions prices were around 55.5 UAH/kg. The weighted average market price stood at 55.8 UAH/kg, or 4.5% lower than the previous week.

Meat processors have different expectations of further price dynamics. Thus, some procurers do not rule out further price declines, citing sluggish sales and supply that exceeds demand. At the same time, other operators state that the volumes of conditioned live bait available for booking are quite moderate, and the average slaughter weight of such animals is lower than usual. Some operators expect sales to pick up when the weather conditions return to be favourable for picnics.


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