USDA and AUPB project: Development of a Biosafety Standard for Pig Farms


The Association Ukrainian Pig Breeders has long been providing technical support to enterprises in establishing biosafety, in particular within the framework of the project "Animal Health Ukraine" in cooperation with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

A logical extension of this business support is the development of an industry standard on biosafety. In fact, it is a collection of best practices and standard operating procedures that companies can use as a guide and base their own biosafety plans on. This standard is not only intended for business, but can be used for industry-wide initiatives, for example, to form the basis of a pig insurance program.

"The issue of biosecurity looks like a personal responsibility of business. However, in the context of the spread of African swine fever, it becomes much broader and turns into a responsibility to the industry. The biosafety standard is designed to help producers adhere to uniform high standards, which will increase the overall level of biosafety in the country in the long run. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection are already discussing the need to introduce basic biosafety principles for all pork market operators. Such an industry standard can serve as a basis for such requirements," the industry association comments.

The developed videos of the best practices of domestic pig farms are available at


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